• 17.12.1982 born in Berlin
  • Academic High School -
    Construction Technology
  • Graphic Design - Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Arts - Motion Design
  • Junior Art Director - style-KÜSTE
  • Voluntary service - Nepalmandal TV
  • Xander

    Alexander Rose | Visual & Motion Design

    Welcome to my Online-Portfolio!

    I am a designer for motion graphics since my training as a graphic designer in 2004. The basis for my path was already laid in my childhood. The interest in visual design never left me. Year after year I faced ​​the rapid development and constantly discover new creative tasks. Today, I have a repertoire of experiences in many fields of visual communication:

  • Travel Reports – accompany me on my travels and learn about foreign countries, people and cultures.
  • Product Presentation – small and big things.
  • Process Animation – complex processes in the fields of technology, research and industry.
  • Infotainment – entertaining education for all ages.
  • Imagefilm – audio-visual presentation of brand and products.

  • Featured Videos

    One Day in Patan

    Trailer “Papua New Guinea”

    Sea-Star Experience